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Ai tempi di Tetris: i personal computer sovietici

20 ottobre

The Apogei BK-01 was developed on the basis of the Radio 86RK, and produced from 1988. For storage, it used a compact cassette or diskette. Technically, nothing of note stood out, but due to improvements in the assembly process the price was significantly reduced. It could be had for 440 rubles - two average monthly salaries at that time. Even though few people could afford personal computers in Soviet times, there were plenty of them in the 80’s. Here are the most popular ones.

Agat was the first versatile 8-bit personal computer mass-produced in the Soviet Union for use in public education. Developed in 1981-1983 on the basis of the Apple II, it went into serial production in 1984, which lasted up until 1993. According to various reports, some Russian schools continued using Agat machines until at least 2001.

Agat was the first versatile 8-bit personal computer mass-produced in

Anni ’50: Marina USA sperimenta armi chimiche: video

15 ottobre

M55 rockets containing VX nerve agent are stored in a secure bunker at Bluegrass Army Depot in Richmond, Kentucky.A recently declassified video reveals that the US Navy has conducted major experiments with chemical warfare in 1950s, sometimes using ordinary people as subjects.

da  del 14 ottobre 2015

Although chemical weapons were deemed “allowable” at the time, the video …

Jerusalem Post intervista David Irving: “non sono più antisemita”

21 settembre

David Irving“The Jews should ask, Why us? Maybe it’s how they have acted over the thousands of years. Maybe it is all our fault,” Irving tells ‘Post’ from Latvia, where he is touring death camps.

Di Tamara Zieve dal Jerusalem Post …

Bianchi: così l’ex nemico celebra l’eroe (dimenticato in Patria)

7 settembre

A manned torpedo with crew membersEmilio Bianchi, who has died aged 102, was the last survivor of one of the most audacious coups of the Second World War – the sinking by “human torpedoes” of two British battleships in Alexandria harbour; Winston Churchill described the …

Storica di Stanford: “falsi medievali contribuirono a femminismo”

31 agosto

Today, feminism is often associated with the political protests of the 1960s or the earlier women’s suffrage movement, but Stanford historian Paula Findlen’s latest research reveals that the impetus to champion women started in the late Middle Ages.

da Logo

A …

1949: quando la Bomba sovietica mandò all’aria i piani USA

30 agosto

On August 29, 1949 at 7 a.m. the USSR tested its first nuclear bomb, dramatically changing the post-WW2 balance of power and eliminating the US monopoly on nuclear terror.

da del 29 agosto 2015 

On August 29, 1949 the …

Londra continua a tacere sul massacro degli indiani

11 agosto

Photograph of a South India family in 1878 by W.W. HooperWhile London has rushed to point the accusing finger at Serbs for the Srebrenica tragedy, the British have apparently forgotten their own shameful history of the genocide of the people of India, Rakesh Krishnan Simha told Sputnik.

di Ekaterina Blinova …

Nuova tesi USA: “Hiroshima salvò il Giappone da Stalin”

8 agosto

In occasione dell’anniversario dei bombardamenti nucleari dell’Aviazione USA a seguito dei quali vennero distrutte le città giapponesi di Hiroshima e Nagasaki, la rivista americana “Foreign Policy” ha ritenuto opportuno pubblicare un articolo dal titolo “Hiroshima ha salvato il Giappone dall’occupazione …

Storico ammette: Hitler non si è sparato in testa

27 luglio

American historians have finally disproved the official explanation of Hitler’s death, by proving that the skull with a bullet hole found by Russians in 1946, actually belonged to a woman.

July 22, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai Your News Wire

DNA analyses on the …

How CIA is exporting Democracy: torture is the rule

30 giugno

A new set of declassified documents obtained by the ACLU and published by The Guardian continues to shed light on the dark recesses of the CIA’s detention and torture programs during the early years of the U.S. “war on terror.”…